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A Family Affair

The Andrade Dental Family is committed to serving families in the Orange County area. We treat all patients as members of our family, and we invite you to join our family today!

Our doctors and staff reflect this commitment in their own relationships. Dr. Andrade has been working with her office manager and sister, Alison, for the entire 30 years of her career. The office has in this time never relocated, and we are grateful to be such a consistent member of our wonderful community. Darlene, one of our exceptional hygienists, was originally an assistant to Dr. Andrade. With the support of the practice, she gained further education and returned to play a new role in the care of our patients, one that she continues today.

In 2010, the practice welcomed a second dentist, Dr. Andrade’s daughter. Dr. Carly brought with her an exciting enthusiasm and a level of skill that did not fall far from the tree. The newly titled Andrade Dental Family has since renovated its practices while renewing its steady commitment to serving Orange County with a level of care and expertise that is unparalleled.

It is a pleasure to serve the families of our patients, our family to yours. We are thrilled whenever we welcome new families or family members into our office, and serving your loved ones is a responsibility we assume with true purpose.