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Jul 12

Andrade Dental Family Goes Digital!

Andrade Dental Family Goes Digital!

We are excited to announce our most recent upgrade to the office. We are now equipped to diagnose the dental health of our patients with digital X-rays. These high quality images, along with digital pictures and enhanced computing abilities, will enable our doctors and staff to communicate better with one another and with you! We take pride in patiently and thoughtfully explaining information regarding your teeth to you. This information can now be further supported with digital images to help you know what you can do to best take care of your smile. When it comes to health, knowledge is power, and we recognize and appreciate our responsibility to give you access to this knowledge.

During your next visit to our office, you will notice X-rays being taken using digital sensors, pictures being taken using an intraoral camera, and all of these images being immediately visible to the doctors and to you on monitors. All of our patient rooms have been upgraded, and we are thrilled with the smooth integration of this technology into our practice. We hope you enjoy our ongoing improvements as much as we do, and we look forward to seeing you in our office soon.