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As a patient grinds and wears down their enamel, their teeth become flat, allowing them to grind more easily. A person who grinds at night may awake with discomfort in the muscles of the jaw and face. Left unguarded, bruxing can cause a variety of problems including cracked or broken teeth, abfractions, gum recession, sensitivity to temperatures, headaches, and TMJ pain.

While Night Guards or occlusal splints do not stop night-time grinding, they are designed to act as a buffer between the upper and lower teeth. Custom-fit Guards made using patient impressions fit better and last longer than those bought over-the-counter. At delivery, the Dentist will make sure that the guard fits properly and the occlusion (bite) is balanced. A muscle relaxer may be prescribed for use at night during the first week of wear.

Patients suffering from migraines associated with jaw pain and clenching can find out more about a special type of appliance that can help.

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